A Difficult Decision Research Paper

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During my early adolescent years growing up, I never would have imagined making such a difficult decision at a young age. At only twelve years old I realized that making the wrong decision can affect my life forever. I faced one of the most difficult situations on where to live. I was stuck between whether to live with my mother or my father full time. Although it was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make thus far, my family and friends were there to support me the entire time. Having an amazing support group assisted on making the situation much easier. When I was in the third grade my parents got a divorce. I always had a great relationship with the both of them but was significantly closer with my mother.At the time,they had split custody over my sister and I which meant that we had to go back and forth to each house. However, one Monday night when I was in sixth grade, my mother and sister picked me up from …show more content…
I knew exactly what I wanted, and that was to get out of my mothers apartment. I no longer wanted to deal with the constant fighting and I wanted to go live with my father full time. I turned to my mom in her kitchen as soon as she returned from work and told her that dad was coming to pick me up after dinner and I’m going to live with him full time now. She surprisingly did not care that I was leaving, but this decision has changed my life to this day. My mother no longer talks to me and wants absolutely nothing to do with me. However, I’ve learned to deal with it because she made those eight months the most miserable months of my life so far. I had my friends and family right by my side throughout the whole custody battle in court and also after I had made my decision on where I was going to live. I would not have been able to deal with the emotional rollercoaster if it wasn’t for the amazing support group that was right by my side throughout the entire

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