The Importance Of Leadership And Responsibility Makes The World A Better Place

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I’ve always been an insightful induvial and I suppose it is rooted in my belief that the power of leadership and responsibility makes the world a better place. Let me introduce myself ? Hello, my names is Emin Musayev. I am 18 and already a Craftsman Hammer. Not one of those high fashioned or super exclusive titanium hammer, you buy in stores for hundreds of dollars. I am the real and original 1970’s old fashioned Craftsman Hammer made from Oakwood that is nor eye-catching or nor weak. Just your bold, reliable and standard tool that easily fits in a palm of hand and in the back of your old Levi jeans. A simple tool that helps everyone with many tasks around the home and at work. As an adult and child in the past , I play many roles: I am handyman when my parents break the door or locked themselves in their own house; I am “Captain Jack Sparrow” of the house and the family when my father goes to work. I work double shifts as Electrician, Chef, and Baby Sister as I try to keep my closed ones satisfied, safe and fed. I am an emotionless, straightforward and honest person when feeling are hurt or confidential secrets needs to be expressed. I am both a leader at my house and school. I am a friend and a boyfriend. So, hate it or love it. I love what I do and Who I am. Some people claim their teenager years was the hardest period in their life. They are correct. I have not comprehended the idea of maturity or open minded about true success. But warm and tender hugs, holding my…

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