Hollister Company: Job Analysis

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4. Job Analysis

Job analysis is the action of understanding and collecting information linked to performing and responsibilities of a specific job (Answers.com, 2014). Job analysis is about information that helps to classify the major job requirements. It required to successfully operating the functions of that job. The idea of the job analysis is to spot the employees’ skills, experience, training, and other qualifying factors. In extension, Job analysis has 2 types that are job description and job specification.

4.1 Job Description

A job description is a list of the responsibilities and working conditions that the employees are estimated to perform. There are other items that are comprised in job description are sort of education required,
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In this company, Hollister staffs does deliveries and some control the store remains organized. Hollister Company needs to have staffs that are capable of this. Moreover, the workers should have efficiency work and high positive performance from their jobs.
Many ways to encourages the company staffs by giving a feedback and positive comments, task significant and autonomy. It making the workers feels more variation for their work so they don’t feel disinterested, which is called Job rotation. It increases task variation by shifting jobs between the workers involve. It is almost similar to job enlargement. Staffs are switching different jobs but with identical skills. Job rotation purpose is to reduce the boredom in work.
For Hollister Company, the position of Hollister models includes wearing the brand clothes to showcase clothing and fashion accessories. But they are also can do perform cashier duties during peak hours in store (Sharon, 2013). In addition, if the company using job rotation it is challenging jobs for the workers, so it can be effective way for developing job satisfaction and growing workforce flexibility.
5. Recruitment
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People who already work in the organization, and while the Human Resource manager wants to give new positions to senior workers this refers to internal recruitment. Through job postings, managers can operate the internal recruitment.
Advantages of using internal recruitment are the recruits already know the business well and it does not cost much money. This way is easier than external recruitment. Although, there some disadvantages of it such as it may lack of creativity and innovation and old employee may be promoted beyond their level of competence

External recruit may be wanted because the internal sources may not capture the job requirements. And also it is more beneficial. It helps to recruit the best of the best people, because managers able to choose people who are effectively and efficiently achieving the tasks that has been given so it will help the company to accomplish their overall aims. By doing external recruitment, the organization would have benefits like the company get new skills and ideas, this bring innovation to the firm, which is helpful to maintain a competitive

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