The Importance Of Internet And Social Media On Brand Management

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Brand management is arguably the most essential aspect of marketing. It traditionally aims at building relationships or connections with potential consumers in order to create a positive brand image and attract and retain customers. All companies have different brand management strategies and attempt at attracting and retaining customers through various means. The institutionalization of the internet and social media has drastically altered the landscape of brand management and advertising in general. One may say that branding and advertising became omnipresent due to the institutionalization of internet and social media. As these media are used on a daily basis by a vast majority of the third world population, brand management now mainly takes place in the online sphere. …show more content…
Furthermore, the internet and social media offer the possibility to generate content to a specific targeted audience. This practice in its present form is relatively new and has emerged along with the rise of internet and social media. Also, it aids to brand management in various ways. This paper will assess the influence of internet and social media on brand management. The advantages and disadvantages of internet and social media for branding will be discussed. Following, the concept of contextual advertising will be discussed in relation to brand management. Its advantages and disadvantages will be discussed, followed by managerial implications. Finally, the concept of contextual advertising will be illustrated through providing an example of digital branding, namely the case of Oreo placing its brand into context of the Superbowl in 2013 via the social media platform

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