Latimer Group Business Analysis

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The Latimer Group is a relatively new advertising company, founded in 2010 by Matthew Hay and Jack Woodcraft. Through co-creation and an alternative method to advertising, the Latimer Group work alongside young people in order to create ‘cutting edge media content and campaigns’. (Schutte et al, 2017) With the present unemployment rate in the UK for 16-24 year olds at 13.6% it is estimated that the unexploited digital abilities of these unemployed young could be worth almost £6.7 billion. Therefore, not only are they helping to reduce the rising issue of youth unemployment through their work but they are already proving successful and turning a profit. Driven by its network of over 50,000 young and imaginative individuals, Latimer are now business to …show more content…
The group specialises in content production, distribution, user-cantered design and social impact. As a team they then work together to produce creative strategies that ultimately result in consumer engagement, whilst also reaching clients’ goals. Advertising has undergone significant changes in recent years and has subsequently become much more technology based. Advertising through social media is a far more efficient way of distributing information the public. The speed at which people nowadays receive information is assisted by the constant access offered by mobile phones. 92% of teenagers admit to going online daily with 24% of that going online almost constantly. This is particularly useful for Latimer as they attract the younger demographic and only provide their service for companies who too wish to reach a younger audience. The Latimer Group worked with Nike foundation to produce the first ever Instagram documentary aiming to promote female empowerment. The project generated more than 444,000 social media actions, attracting over 200,000 views on YouTube and 3,000 pledges worldwide alone within its first 5

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