Narrative Essay About Going To College

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Ever since I could remember going to college was something that my parents always talked to us about. My parents wanted my siblings and I to have more opportunities than they did. Coming to the United States in 1979, my parents never realized that going to college was an option for them. The language barrier for them was hard to overcome and their main priority was to maintain themselves financially. They acquired jobs in factories, as night porters, as maintenance workers and anything else they could find in order to survive. As we grew up, college was always the next step after high school; it was engraved in our minds. I thought for sure after high school I would go directly to college but things didn’t turn out that way. In my senior year at high school, I started to slack off and hang out with the wrong crowd; which in turn caused me to fall behind on my classes and not graduate on time. After not being able to graduate with my classmates, I felt that I was headed into the wrong direction. The beginning of summer of 1999 was hard on me and was at a lost. I did not know what direction I was …show more content…
I really enjoyed interacting with people on a daily basis and also enjoyed the financial side of my job duties. One day in early June of 1999, I received a call from my supervisor on my day off. He needed me to go into work right away. I thought to myself, “Great. I can make some extra money this week.” It turns out I was called in to get fired and receive my last check. I walked out of there feeling as if my world was crumbling down. How was I going to tell my parents I had just gotten fired? How was I going to be able to graduate at all? I had already felt as if I had disappointed my parents by not graduating on time so this new thing was not going to help. I went home and told my parents. They were more than supportive of the situation and told me that God plans things out according to his plan for

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