Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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For thousands of couples across the United States, the ability for them to be married to their significant other is made impossible due to laws that prevent it because of their sexual orientation. These legitimate couples, many of whom have been together for years, are prevented from having their relationships be recognized by law as valid, and facing discrimination in other forms from others. While the trend lately has undoubtedly been shifting in favor of gay marriage, with over half of the country now allowing it (with some states attempting to appeal), there is still a battle to be fought so that the LGBT community can be on equal ground with their heterosexual counterparts. Laws passed as recently as last year continue to be a hassle to …show more content…
It legitimizes the thought that gay relationships are abnormal and strange. Laws like these are slowing the progress of equality and acceptance. There 's no place in society today for legalized prejudice against any group of people. In April, The Washington Post shared a poll which indicated that 61% of Americans are now in favor of gay marriage, and oppose individual states having the right to prohibit it (Post). This is the highest and most diverse support of gay marriage in the history of the United States. President Obama has also come out in support for legalized gay marriage (Gay). This is excellent progress towards the goal of universal acceptance of the LGBT community. The benefits of getting rid of discriminatory laws are obvious and plentiful. With wider acceptance, more people who have not had the courage to come out could start to be more comfortable with their orientation, and tell their family and friends rather than trying to hide it. Nobody should have to lie about who they are, and repealing these kinds of laws would be a great step forward in increasing awareness and acceptance. With legal gay marriage, couples nationwide would be granted the same rights as every other married couple, no matter where they lived or decided to get

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