The Importance Of Customer Service Expectations

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1. What is meant by customer service expectations?

Customer service expectations are beliefs and values related to services provided or delivered that are considered as standards or reference points compared to any performance which is judged. It is when the customers compare their perceptions about performance with the standards to evaluate service quality. Thus, they play an important role in evaluating the services (Zethaml et al, 1993).Nowadays there is competition in the market services within the same industries. This leads to create some kinds of differences in the delivery of services and products (Ifran, 2014).

In my opinion customer service expectation means the impressions or the views of the customers about the products after
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Services can be well offered by understanding what is required in the international market and the trend of people about services (Irfan, 2014) .An example of the importance of service quality in restaurants is the taste of food which is extremely important to customers. Food taste is one of the aspects in which the customers determine when they choose a specific restaurant and selecting it for further purchases (Irfan, 2014).Being wrong on what the customers want to taste can damage the business while other companies achieve the target exactly (Zethmal et al, 1993). This aspect was one of the aspects that Rajiv considered in preparing food .He served fresh eggs with high quality cooking requirements .He recognized the importance of freshness and healthy products .So he was always looking for the best quality products for customers (Hall, 2003).
In my opinion, customers also focus on the type of services they receive and they notice whether the staffs are friendly or not and how they serve the food. Moreover, they notice how fast the food is prepared and whether they are welcomed or not. Accordingly, service quality has a major effect on the perception and expectation of the customers.
Furthermore, high quality service has a positive impact on customers. Bad services can shake customers trust and in turn they switch to another service provider (Ehsan&Mudaser,
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It enables people to know who is it or the special dishes of the restaurant they are famous for. Brand image gives information about you such as high quality, low price or durability (Rita, 2012). Rajiv applied different strategies to develop brand image. For examples, he enhanced customer awareness about the restaurant through advertisement and promotional activities through media. Rajiv and his son selected a unique advertisement which implicitly involved the health benefits of eating eggs followed by details of timings and location (Hall, 2003).The radio ads attract people to the restaurant which say a lot about the restaurant such as high quality food, good service and the ethnic atmosphere. Moreover, the brand was strengthen by offering the necessary training to staff .People notice whether the staff are serving the food accurately or not , and their knowledge about the menus. Thus, Rajiv focused on improving the soft skills such as how to offer good service as well as the hard skills such as how to use the cash register. Furthermore, mobile application had a positive impact on the success of the companies. Rajiv presented free mobile application for more information about the menus, contact numbers, reviews, mailing list and about Raju Omlet. In addition, brand image is aimed at appealing the public to facilitate the sales and stimulate interests among

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