Importance Of Food Quality In Food And Beverage Industry

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1.0 Introduction
Food and beverage industry is one of part in hospitality industry. It was a fast moving and an exciting business. Nowadays, quality of the food in this industry become more critical as the consumer became more aware of the issue in food and beverage sector. Even the restaurant quality is much unstructured issue as it no words can defined the exactly standard which will give the customer satisfaction, but there are the aspect they concerned of which are the food quality, service quality and the atmosphere of the restaurant that they visit.
Quality in food and beverage can be defined as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy a states or implied need (Davis, Lockwood,
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Food quality of a restaurant always is related to the customer behavior intentions that will lead them to their return intentions and use word-of-mouth to promote the particular. A restaurant food quality for a customer is different how they want it to be standardized. Some of customer has that a particular standard of food hygienic, if the food they consume reach their standard only that they will appreciate the food. Some of the customer may very simple for their food as they can appreciate whatever quality the food they consume as long as the food taste good and cheap (Kincaid, Baloglu, Mao, & Busser, 2010). But the food quality is too unstructured to explain as it is different from other individual to other …show more content…
The food freshness is also one of the food quality components that the consumer most concern that will relate with their behavioral intentions.
There are the customer who prefer fresh food then the not fresh because of the health concern. The restaurant must give their customer trust to make sure they give a good respond and feedback to their business. Most of the restaurant did not even bother of the freshness of the food that they will serve to their customer (Arora, 2007). This will give the negative effect to the industry as the customer will concern about the food quality. In this aspect, we can see that the food freshness is one of the aspect in food quality that customer looking for.
The freshness of the food standard is differs from other restaurant sector as the food production and preparation process is also different (Enz, 2009). Just like fast food restaurant, the food they served is totally no fresh but they said in their marketing that their food is fresh. This is not right as they need to tell the customer what they are up

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