The Importance Of Community Health

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Community health covers such a wide variety of areas that can be looked at for inspiration; it can be hard to pick just five focal points. While looking through numerous sites and articles, I decided on the following five topics that where of interest to me and I hope they interest others as well.

Topic 1 One of the best resources for finding out information that covers community and public health topics it the website for Healthy People 2020. The site if full of great information that one can use to help follow, create or built projects that can benefit their community. One area that I found interesting was the educational and community-based programs section. These programs are designed to provide comprehensive education to adults and school
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For me I feel this is a great type of community/public health adventure in which nurses can devote their time and talents to those in great need. Mercy Ships are a global charity organization that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Mercy Ships bring hope and healing to a wide range of poor communities by mobilizing people and resources via a multitude of ships worldwide. They are there to server all people without regard for race, gender, or religion. Mercy Ships programs promote health and well-being by providing free health education and care, and serving the urgent surgical needs of the many poor developing communities around the world (Mercy Ships, …show more content…
The main focus area that I looked into was the Harm Reduction Program. The program has set goals of reducing the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, physical injury caused by vein damage and abscesses, and decreasing the instances of septicemia and endocarditic caused by the use of dirty/used needs. In order to reach the goals they provide services such as syringe exchange, education about potential harms associated with high-risk activities, health and social service referrals to name a few. The program also looks to educate law enforcement and others about the use of Naloxone for potential drug overdoses (New Mexico Department of Health,

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