The Importance Of College After High School

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After high school, a whole new world opens up to a person, with many opportunities and places that one can go. About 15.6 million people enroll in an undergraduate program every year, which can be any degree containing a requirement of two to four years of schooling. Not everyone who goes to college will go right after high school. Some people take off a year, or they wait until they are financially stable before going to college. College is an option that everyone has after high school, but not everyone takes that option. People may want to go to college because they were told to based off of what society says, to experience more in life, or to feel more accomplished.
In today’s society, it is drilled into everyone’s brain that without a college
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Some people go to a four-year college because they want to party and live it up. People look down upon others that have not gone to college because they usually ended up working at a fast food restaurant, like McDonalds or Burger King. Those people do not do as much work, nor do they make as much money as someone who has a job that required a degree. So based on what society is telling a person, they would want to go to college so that they will be accepted by others. When society is accepting of a person, that person will feel more …show more content…
Among those reasons, the top ones are based on what society is telling a person, experiencing life, and feeling a sense of accomplishment in themselves. Just because a person goes to college, it does not mean that they are going to go any farther than another. People who go to college, have a better way of getting farther because of the education and skills that were taught to them in college. With the advancements of computers, one can now take all of their classes inside the comfort of their own home. There is not an excuse that a person cannot complete a college degree, unless it is financial because of the many options given to them. A person does not have to attend a college campus anymore to earn their degree, if they do not want to. In a world full of technology there are so many more options to earn that degree that seemed almost impossible to earn because it can be done online

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