The Importance Of Change In Nursing

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Change is something that is constantly happening in life, within nursing practice we try to make this transition as smooth as possible. Nurses are always learning new things which could help our patients in numerous ways, we need to take the opportunity to find how we can help better the care of the patients. When looking at these opportunities it is essential to identify the different points needed to teach other nurses a change in practice.
Data Need to Assess in Change Plan
It is important to collect the outcomes of the patients, how the patients felt when their spirituality was included in their treatment plan, and how the patient was receptive to the assessment. These are all vitals points to see if the assessment is truly
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455). It is important for information to be disseminated because if it is not it cannot be properly implemented into practice and used correctly. The purpose is to inform those who need to know and to motivate those who need to do something (Epidemiology, 2016). When a new practice is being implemented it is important to have it be known because if nurses do not read about it then evidence based practice cannot be successful. When disseminating information, it is important to include multiple stakeholders such as the payers, nurses, doctors, and patients. They all need to be a part of this part of the process because they all pay a vital part of the implementation of the change. The patients, nurses, and doctors need to be included because they need to be aware of the change and understand why it is necessary for them to know this assessment and the effect it will have. Patients need to involved to see the impact it is going to have on their care in the long run. Payers need to be included to actually see the financial gain they will be receiving from the …show more content…
It is important to have posters which are a scholarly venue for disseminating evidence it allows a lot of networking among colleagues as well as helps build awareness to the change being implemented into practice. Papers allow information to extend to multiple different venues allows numerous people to be aware of the change and the affect it is having on the patients’ treatment plan and outcomes. Finally, presentations are an excellent way to teach about new knowledge and the change plan. It is very similar to the poster, but this allows the nurse to use multiple resources within the presentation to display the information which they need to know.

When implementing change, it is essential to be able to identify the stakeholders which need to be included as well as what information needs to assessed throughout the implementation. Networking is a key point to making sure change is integrated into the health care profession as smooth as possible. Data needs to be utilized because it is the only way to truly be able to implement the change

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