Bar Code Scanning System Essay

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In order to achieve highest HCAHPS scores and reduce medical errors JMH Executive Committee decided to implement a bar-code scanning system of medication delivery and a patient education program during Hospital stay.
The bar-code scanning system is an integral part of the electronic health record. Nurses administer all medications, including i.v. piggy-back medications and i.v. large-volume medications, through the bar-code scanning system. All information is documented with a time stamp for improved accuracy of clinical information. The documented administration information is available throughout the medical center to any clinician or pharmacist as part of the integrated health record. The bar code scanning system will help with patient 's pain control, reducing medical errors and charting on real time.
The patient education program will increase patient safety and will improve HCAHPS medication communication scores . A patient’s understanding of medications is very important to a satisfactory patient experience and it also improves safety and quality. Recent study shows that only 35% of patients knew the side effects of their medication (Hays, Ron D., et al. "Physician Communication When Prescribing New Medications.") Archives
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Key mechanism of this step are communicating with nurses, managers and administration. Bozak (2003) stated that it was very important that lines of communication remain open and honest, creating a “sense of security and trust in all those involved with the proposed change” (p. 83). The addition of front line staff in development groups and key decision making processes encourages a feeling of empowerment that facilitates to overcome resistance to the change and allows them to understand the significance of the project and how it will beneficially affect patient

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