The Importance Of Cafes

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I believe in the saying, “You are what you eat.” If you are putting processed, unhealthy foods inside of you, you will become an unhealthy person. This also effects your mental health too. Some people have taken initiative by opening up organic and vegan cafés that have proved to not only help people improve their physical health, but also mental health. People who have switched to an organic life style from their previously unhealthy life styles filled with fast food and lack of nutrients have said their outlook on life has improved along with feeling and looking better physically. At Juice Bar Tuscaloosa, they too have taken a simplistic, wholesome approach to their café that represents the organic lifestyle people should try to live by. …show more content…
There is a large chalk board on the wall stating it serves vegetarian, organic, gluten free, only whole fruits and vegetables, with no added sweeteners or syrups. It also states that during season, they purchase directly from local farms whenever possible, and take great pride in offering an assortment of items from other local partners year-round. They always have current pop music on the loud speaker, and 2 employees behind the bar busy making smoothies or other fresh menu item. You can feel the positive vibe throughout the room which is refreshing, especially for a stressed college …show more content…
There is 1 page of Juices divided between green and root based juice. All juices are Raw pressed which is important to know. The two main types of juicing are, “raw juicing, and “cold pressed.” The main differences between these two types is that Raw juicing can be done a lot faster and easier, but needs to be consumed within a few hours of being juiced before it begins to go bad. Cold pressing requires more expensive equipment, and more time, but the plus from this is that it makes the juice at a lower temperature, producing the optimal level of nutrients coming from the plant, and it also naturally perseveres itself for about a week. At home, I only drink cold pressed juices because I prefer them over raw juicing, but since Juice Bar has no competitors here, I settle. Juice Bar also offers Juice cleanses. Juice cleanses can are beneficial in many ways. The main way being they completely flush toxins out of your body (The Healing Properties of Juicing). This can be an unpleasant experience for first time juicers, or unhealthy people but done properly, the results are very beneficial for your health. Other benefits from juicing is that it promotes weight loss and clear skin. The downside of a juice cleanse is that it is relatively expensive- about 45 dollars a day. If you are a person like me, who believes that your body is your temple and you can’t put a price on your own health of body and

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