Hello-Bistro Mission Statement

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When trying to lose weight or become healthier, we often think we need to kill ourselves in the gym in order to see results. Being active, and working out is only 20% of the battle. The other 70% is how we eat. Anyone can workout for an hour, but how many of us can control what we eat for the other 23-hours in the day? To find how to make healthier choices in the day I went to Hello-Bistro to check out their juice bar. Delicious Raw is Hello Bistro's juice bar where they serve a variety of juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and parfaits known as wellness bowls. Lorien Mehan of Pittsburgh, PA works as one of the juice makers at Delicious Raw. Their mission statement is to ensure "a sanctuary for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and quality of life through targeted nutritional boosts …show more content…
The name alone can give you an idea of what you may find inside this drink. you can find avocado, kale, spinach, yogurt, coconut manna, coconut water, dates, and lime. You can find the Green Machine under Superfoods. All drinks are vegan with no sugar added to either the blended or juiced drinks. "You don't need sugar when they come naturally from fruit" (Mehan) Mehan also stated "that for a national juice bar it's pretty cheap, but for the saving size that your getting it may be a little more on the expensive side. Although the prices may be a little high your getting freshly made drinks made right in front of you and on the go"(Mehan). The juice bar is packed mostly in the mornings because most people crave something healthy, delicious, and convenient when on the go. Lastly, the juice bar gives out surveys now and then. With the completion of the survey, you're able to get a dollar off of your next drink. One of the things that make Delicious Raw better than the other surrounding smoothie/ juice bars is their use of unharmed, natural fruits and

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