Reflection Essay: My Health, Diet, And Nutrition

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An unknown author once stated, “The greatest wealth is Health.” When coming into this class I didn’t know much about health and the importance of physical exercise. The influences I have when I make my personal food choices are eating what I want but counting calories to make sure I’m not over the daily calorie intake. I try to make wise food choices but sometimes I get distracted when my friends or boyfriend want to go out to eat and I end up falling into a whole menu full of fat foods. I try to eat as healthy as I can at times, but sometimes I find it easier when I’m starving to just make anything I see or grab anything my eyes attracts. My diet compared to the Daily Food Plan varies because some days I get too much vegetables/
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The groups that I noticed that is constantly high is refried grains. I never noticed how much grains I intake, especially bread. If I stay at this rate, I feel that it would deterate my health. I need to fix my grain intake by eating less refried grain and replace my daily intake with something I’m low in such as fruit. Another group that my intake is high in is protein. I love meat and fish. I can admit my protein is a bit too high. A recommendation I was given online was to cut my meat in half and to make a use smaller portions such as the size of your hand minus your thumb. The groups that my intake is low are vegetables and fruits. I will pick variables over fruits any day because I love the taste of veggies with dip or Franks Red Hot. Although I am running low in veggies and fruits I need to add more fruit and veggies to my salads and other dinner plates. The group that I’m average in is dairy. I make grilled cheese often, with only a slice or two of pepper jack cheese. I know how to control my dairy intake because I know how much fat comes with the intake of usually any …show more content…
The Nutrient Report showed me a graph that really helped me because I was able to view my intake over a 3-day period. I noticed I was over and under during the week. I feel that’s because I’m so busy with school and work that I don’t realize what I need to be eating. On Saturday, the graph seemed to show the recommended daily allowance for each food group. On the weekend I’m more focused on my food intake than I am during the busy week. I need to balance my weekday intake with my weakened intake. My average fluid intake is good because I drink plenty of bottled water. I prefer water because I know if I drink soda or any sugary drinks I would want more. I used to drink Sprite a lot, but now that I’ve made changes in my diet I realized water is a gift. Another fluid I stick to is coffee. Coffee is my morning energy, I love making my coffee with two vanilla creams and 2

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