Essay On Juice Fasting

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Juice fasting (otherwise commonly known as "juice cleansing") is a controversial and often disputed dieting method in which a person refrains from all sorts of food consumption except from fruit and vegetables juices. These juice fasts may last from as much as several weeks or to as little as a few days. The history of juice fasting dates back to thousands of years ago but this controversial diet trend has surfaced again as a result of many following suit in the steps of famous celebrities such as Beyonce and Blake Lively, who swear to this approach to losing weight. Although there are an array of reasons an individual can tap into to turn to juice fasting — such as for spiritual or religious reasons, for nourishment or for detoxification of …show more content…
For one, it can cause flaking skin due to the absence of essential fatty acids being provided to the body. Essential fatty acids cannot be produced naturally by your own body system and thus, can only be replenished with consumption of food. Without it, the skin cells will lose moisture and become weak. The top layer of your skin, the epidermis, will also be compromised and as such patches of eczema might surface. Not only will your skin be affected negatively, so will your hair. Hair loss will be evident throughout your juice fasting journey. This is because the absence of vital nutrients will cause hair production as well as the follicles of hair becoming brittle. As a result, hair loss will occur. In fact, even the loss of teeth could very well occur if you were to juice fast. Collagen in your body would be affected and our teeth, which are held together by collagen fibres, will become weak and eventually rot. Juices also contain a high acid content similar to that of fizzy drinks, thus damaging your teeth’s enamel like how a fizzy drink would too. Although many set out on a juice fasting journey in hopes of looking better by the end, it is genuinely a plan that will only backfire due to the adverse effects it will have on your bodily appearance in the

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