Essay On Three Day Diet Analysis

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Three Day Diet Analysis

For this three day diet analysis project I wanted to eat as I normally would and be honest about all that I ate, to analyze not only what and how much I was eating, but also to see
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The calculated amount is higher than my average intake of calories, because through the three days my average caloric intake was calculated to be 2,313 kcal. My caloric intake is still higher than my average expenditure (2,305 calories) which is good, because it is only higher by a relatively small amount. In the section labeled calories for the day it was calculated that my total calories for the day are below my goal, but after comparing the two numbers ( 2,522 and 2,313) I’m only under by a fairly small amount of 219 calories per day. This is probably where I should be though, because I believe I fall in between what they would consider to be active and sedentary. My carbohydrates intake is also below the goal, but this was suggested in the calorie and fat report, because my AMDR for carbohydrates was at the lower end of the scale. The calculated goal intake for carbohydrates in anywhere in the range of 1134-1639 calories, and my intake was 1087 calories. My value could be low possibly from the fact that I don’t normally eat large entrees that are high in carbohydrate content (i.e. pasta dishes etc) and would rather balance my meals with fruits, vegetables, and some sort of protein source. My other values for protein and fat intake were in range, with protein being more balanced, and my fat intake being on the higher end of the scale. The higher amounts of fats in my diet was alluded to in my calories and fat report, because my fat intake was equating to be 35% of my caloric intake, which is the limit of the range. If my fat intake increases by 68 calories or 7.5 grams, then this will put my intake above the goal range. I should be more conscious of my fat intake, especially what types of fats I’m consuming. Having a high fat diet can increase the amount of trigylceride in your body and blood, which eventually can lead to high

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