Reflective Essay On Nutrition

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I am glad I did the Nutrition Diary, I enjoyed it, it gave me good advice on living healthy and I learned something about my eating habits. It was my first time to track what I eat; an important part of Nutrition Dairy. I knew little of nutrition and the kind of nutrition I absorbed every day, so I am glad it was part of my class. With Nutrition Diary, I could learn about the foods I eat and the nutrients they provide to me. Because of Nutrition Diary, I am adjusting my eating habits in order to reach my goal of eating a healthy diet. From now on, I need to pay more attention to what I am eating instead of just following what others are eating. I have set a goal of eating healthier, exercising more, and learning more about nutrition for the …show more content…
At first I followed what my dietitian told me to eat, but as the semester went along, I got off track. Due to stress and anxiety about homework, I would snack too much especially when studying. My eating habit I followed in the middle of the semester was definitely not healthy at all. One day I would eat less and healthy; and the next day I would eat a lot and unhealthy. It was so hard to keep eating the same amount of food with the same amount of healthy nutrients because of my ever changing schedule. During a weekend or college break, I ate more than what I normally ate because I was using food to help me have fun, or so I thought. I also would eat unhealthy foods when around my friends; we all were eating the same unhealthy foods so it seemed to be all right. I did not want to be different than my friends even though I knew better. I should have picked out more salads and healthy food to eat when eating out with my friends or even at the cafeteria when using my meal …show more content…
Knowing my way around the kitchen would give me a sense of accomplishment and maybe even help me with my studies. When eating at the college cafeteria I should choose more fruit, vegetables, soups, and salads instead of the fries and burgers. Getting some fresh air every day, multiple times a day, would also help me stay fit and keep my mind on track especially when I need to study into the night. Moreover, according to my mother, taking B-complex vitamins will help me to stay awake longer and be a healthy choice. My aim is to get eight hours of sleep, go to bed before midnight, and get up before eight in the morning. I need to make myself a time table and record my progress or lack of progress every day in a

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