The American Paradox By Michael Pollen Essay

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In “The American Paradox”, Michael Pollen believes that “ as omnivores […] in fact need to eat a wide variety of different things in order to be healthy” (268). Pollen has noticed that people have changed the food that they have eaten in order to be “healthy”. We have simply change our whole diet due to some scientist publishing some studies that a certain kind of food is bad for you health. Pollen argues our newly changed diet is not only unhealthy, it also imply stress to our everyday life by not knowing what to eat in order to be healthy.
Before all of the scientific studies about food that we are all now obsessed with, our diet used to be consisting of food that our mother cooks. Those foods reflect our culture. In different culture, diets are shape differently; most of those diet lead to be just comfort food. Food that makes you feels happy and not guilty when you finished it. A part from culture, American have been obsessed with trying to have a “healthy diet” that is introduced by nutrition scientists who made claim that “animal fat was a deadly substance” (Pollen, 268). Nutritionist have released many studies that come out to have mixed result, one nutritionist might say fish is good but another study might come out as there is another deadly substance in fish. Americans decision in trusting nutritionists might be a mistake.
Pollen also mentions a few other sources that make changes to the way we think if healthy diet. He mentions “the government, with its…

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