Diet Analysis Project: My Journey Into My Diet

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I have learned a lot about nutrition so far over the course of this semester.

This diet analysis project was probably the thing that I have least looked forward

to having to complete. I know my diet is poor, I figured I ate too many bad foods,

but I didn 't expect it to be lacking essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in so

many different areas. It 's truly amazing to see foods I thought were "complete"

and "good" for me, aren 't really, and may actually hinder me in the quest for a

truly healthy diet. So prepare yourself for the journey into my diet, there 's a lot

I need to address and change to make it better.

First off my calorie intake is 90% and lower than the required daily

recommended intake
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I feel that 6 '3 ' 245 lbs. isn 't great, I am not fat.

I haven 't been the recommended on the high scale of 24-25% BMI at 200 lbs

since I was 19 years old. 22 years later and being less active and athletic than I

was then had put me where I am now. I know I need to be more active to burn

calories but it gets harder each and every day.

My food habits and what I eat on a daily basis could and should be A LOT

better, But as a parent/student/working adult it 's pretty damn hard. I eat a lot of

carbs and proteins, But rice, pasta and breads are very easy to prepare, and I

happen to love all of them. I also tend to eat when I can which sometimes is late

at night which I know is the worst time to possibly attempt to eat. At least the fat

content I do consume isn 't alarmingly awful according to this analysis. My fat is

101% and saturated fat is only 105% of my RDI. I really do need to find a better

source of fiber, as I am only at 44% of my RDI. I need to eat more fresh

vegetables which could greatly assist in this area.

My vitamin and mineral intake according to this study is something that

I didn 't expect to be as bad as it is. When it comes to vitamins, the only two
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This has been cut down at least

to light beer as of late, so that is one minor victory in my struggle of trying to lose

weight and stay healthy.

This entire Diet analysis project although being scary for me was quite

informative and eye opening. I haven’t really have lost the real weight I have set

to lose for myself as of yet. but I am down 2lbs since the analysis. I have started

taking a daily multi-vitamin ever since I read the analysis and I can say it has

helped by increasing my energy lately. I don 't seem as tired or lethargic as I was

prior to starting the daily regimen. I am making a conscious effort too by eating

more vegetables, although mostly frozen (because they are easier) I have been

eating them daily. So that in turn should help with any of the vitamin and

minerals I was lacking. I haven 't had the chance to really share what I have

learned so far when it comes to nutrition. But I plan on letting all my family know

about my new learned knowledge over the holidays the next month or so. I

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