Essay On Sugar Addiction

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Did you know that one out of two Americans from lower income families would eventually get diabetes? In addition, did you also know that one teaspoon of sugar lowers your immunity to diseases by 80 percent? With that being said, the food that most Americans consume daily contains high quantities of sugar which is merely poisonous. This is the result of having businesses govern and dictate what foods should be made for the sole purpose of profit. Furthermore, Companies have examined and determined that sugar is a reliable additive to their food products because the taste targets certain areas in the brain, which eventually could make consumers addicted to their product. Moreover, companies choose to ignore the fact that sugar promoter’s numerous health problems, …show more content…
With that being said, the foods available in stores usually contains a variety of sugar and salts in almost every product. According to Kelly D. Brownell, the author of Food and Addiction, “Out of 600,000 food items in a grocery store, 80 percent contain added sugar“. As a result, the consumption of these sugars eventually becomes addicting to some consumers, they end up relying on sugar as a fix like many drugs, and even worse these consumers end up withdrawing if they don’t have any sugar. Moreover, some of the people that fall into this category, usually end up seeking medical attention because they realize they have a problem. Kelly D. Brownell pointed out “There 's a validated and peer-reviewed assessment you can take to find out if you have or are on the verge of food addiction”. Even though the masses of people don’t fit into this criteria, many people could be vulnerable to food addiction because of its sugar contents. Therefore, people should abstain from having too much sugar in order to live a disease free

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