MLA Class Reflection

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I had taken a couple of writing classes previous to this class. However, they were not specifically tailored for business writing neither did I expect that there would be much difference between the two disciplines. But as the class progressed and I did more and more of the projects, I realized that business papers are more straightforward and more condensed compared to just your regular papers. It is just like writing your regular paper, but wrapping it up faster and trimming out the fats.
Because of that, I learned to be a little more meticulous in this class. I had to review some English writing topics and to look over my work more than usual before I turn it in. Also, the instructor had a little higher expectations than my previous writing
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The writing assignments for this class along with writing assignments for another class made me see that. I hate to talk bad about people but I realized during this semester with IPFW how lacking and complacent the instructors were where I transferred from. They did not give me as much of the reviews I’ve gotten this semester; like the proper way to do in-text citations, quotation formats, and other technical aspects of the MLA formatting. I was led to believe that I was doing fine when I really wasn’t. I could have tried harder and learned sooner had they given me the chance, but it had to happen just now. Anyways, I’m glad I’m here now and not there.
Going back to the topic, I think that the class projects were very helpful in getting us familiarized with the different types of business writing. The press release I thought was a good activity. It was fun and something I’ve never done before but might be doing in the future. It required a little creativity, which is about all I have when it comes to that. The memos were fun too. They were short but got the message across. I had fun writing them because they allow for pauses between thoughts or ideas, unlike regular writing where everything has to flow

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