Writing 102 Final Reflection

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For this fall semester of 2016, I wasn’t sure how the outcome of my Writing 102 class was going to be. I have heard many different views on this class and was eager to see what side I was going to be on. Over all, I had a great experience and glad I registered for this online writing class. My writing skills have improved a great deal from the beginning of the semester by enhancing my critical thinking skills, thesis statements, and my researching.
Writing, is a way of being able to express feelings and opinions about something. The type of paper that is written in class shows the amount of information a student had researched, or the amount of knowledge that they know. I have definitely enhanced my critical thinking skills and even improved
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At first I was struggling to write a thesis statement. I just could not wrap my mind around coming up with a thesis for a controversial issue in culinary arts. I kept coming up with ideas and advice, but not an argument that can help the reader see where I stood in the argument. It wasn’t until, I got feedback on how to arrange the thesis. I was only seeing the surface of the topic. This made me dig deeper to get use to a simple method of how to frame my arguments and thesis statements. I made a simple layout to make sure my thesis statement was on point. The thesis statement I used for my research paper was, “Organic food is superior to GMO food because of its health benefits for animals, humans and the environment”. I came up with a topic that was interesting to me in my future field and decide if I am for or against my topic. Having an argument with a focus point and enough claims to support my stance led to a successful thesis …show more content…
Writing skills play a crucial role in my life and career, as well as, others. Writing raises my ability to explain a complex position to readers. This can be transferred in to real life scenario like, management or in any business. For example, if there is a potential employee that I am dealing with and I have to successfully explain to them my business and how it conducts itself to convince them to join my establishment through email or letter. These occasions will help me in any situation. Writing definitely requires that anticipate of the readers’ needs. Bring that to life allows me to show that I am knowledgeable and mature. My enhanced writing skills will promote critical thing and creativity my life. Writing is also a way to helps, refine my ideas for work. Writing equips me with the communication and thinking skills I need in life

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