The Importance Of Branding

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These days branding is more than a fancy logo. Branding is a promise and great brands keep that promise every time.

It’s the point of difference that sets us apart from our competitors, but it 's also how we create an emotional connection with our customer. The perception our customers form and ultimately if that perception is costing us sales by giving them the wrong impression in relation to our competitors.

Ultimately our brand is not what we say it is, it really is what our customers say it is.

So let us start by asking ourselves 3 simple questions…Who are we? What do we do? and most importantly why does it matter? Until we can answer those and create a service that our your customers find irresistible and are willing to pay
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When people have a positive experience, they share their delight, it generates referrals, viral traffic and ultimately dollars.

Technology has radically changed how consumers engage with brands. People connect via multiple touchpoints, from websites, mobile apps, social networks and personalised customer service. Delivery of these experiences need to be consistent across all platforms, and accessible for customers to choose freely when and how they interact with our services. A brand experience that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease, because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand.

Of course the more compelling the experience, the faster you will build brand loyalty. That experience, online and otherwise becomes our brand in our customers’ minds.

Creating a successful lifestyle brand is about recognising what a consumer’s identity strives to be, rather than what it already is. Its selling a set of values that express the desires of that customer so they can identify themselves with them. We are bout creating an emotional response, giving people a sense of belonging - a tribe to join and that in turn create strong brand
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Its a statement that says who we are and the value we create for our customers.
“Flicks is a producer of high quality, stylish video content for commercial, corporate and digital communications. We promise quality, creativity and innovation across all aspects of any production”

During the Marketing Audit, we look at the internal and external environment. We used a PEST and SWOT analysis to identify potential opportunities and threats to our success.
Strengths: Professional, experienced, creative, resourceful
Weaknesses: Small team, limited resources
Opportunities: Very experienced TV and Film makers, especially in the property, transport, construction and health sector. All areas of growth in Sydney.
Threats: Highly competitive industry, availability of tools by young inexperienced producers pricing us out the market. These outcomes will help us set the Marketing Objective.
“To increase our client base by 2 new customers a month, within our areas of production strength and increase net profits by 15% in the FY 2016. In addition to this keeping the 95% satisfaction rate of our existing customers.”

Segmentation: Looking at our target audience and why they are attractive to us and who will be the most

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