Almay Cosmetics Paper

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Simon Mainwaring advised “The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity, and accountability.” (Mainwaring, n.d.). What causes a consumer to be loyal to a product? The reasons are as varied as the people one would ask. However, using Almay Cosmetics as an example on how the company brands and packages its products will be reviewed. Then, discussing how effective the branding and packaging of Almay’s products is. Lastly, a comparison to similar products will be made
About Almay Cosmetics Almay was founded and named after Alfred and Fanny May in 1931 with the intent of providing gentler cosmetics to women (History of Almay, n.d.). Almay provides hypoallergenic and sensitive skin, skin care products and makeup. The
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Almay has been effective as setting itself apart by providing special need cosmetics and has high standards on manufacturing guidelines (Almay Introductions, n.d.). Almay even chooses its brand ambassador who braces the company core values. Carrie Underwood was chosen earlier this year as she believes, as Almay’s does, that makeup should be easy for women to feel their most beautiful (Revlon, n.d.). The company had reportedly chosen Selena Gomez but after it was reported Gomez was in rehab Almay went with Underwood to present a better image (International Business, …show more content…
Mary Kay’s product line is not as accessible as Almay’s, since Mary Kay products are sold through a consultant. At the same time the consultant is advantage that Almay doesn’t have. The consultant is usually a friend, family member, or another known individual, thus “providing a unique level of personal service and customer connection.” (Global Data, 2013). A big advantage that Almay has over Mary Kay is that is supplies products for special needs like fragrance free, sensitive skin, and hypoallergenic. Almay also offers an all-natural line that is currently big and is attracting new consumers, another of which Mary Kay doesn’t

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