The Importance Of Being A Teacher? Essay

1386 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
1. Often times the classroom setting is not enough for many students to learn all of the subject material they need to know in order to advance in their classes. Having teachers available for tutoring after school, I thought was very beneficial for students who need improving on their test scores or homework. I thought the emphasis on one-on-one made the students feel as though they were important. it was a great way for these students to ask questions, without feeling shy or unintelligent. Many of the students were lacking confidence and confidence to complete their class work, which, made the student less willing to engage in meeting new people. Students were able to interact in small groups to help develop a confidence and self-esteem development in which they were willing to be on talk while doing their work. Overall, I enjoyed watching the true definition of being a teacher. Being a teacher is more about just teaching, but being able to guide and improve the skills of every student that is willing to learn.
2. I observed closely what it takes to help students build the skills they need to be successful. While observing, I began to see that many students had ongoing questions about homework, need help in a certain subject, or need increase motivation to get their work done. The idea of this after-school tutoring session was to help any student who needed extra time to understand the material. I thought each teacher really was focused on the essentials to…

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