Unit 1 Assignment Instruction

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Mrs. Coty’s idea of giving the students a chance to share their notes, thoughts, and methods regarding their homework was incredible. It allowed for students to see what was expected of them. Many students skipped the section where they were asked to round and very few drew a picture as they were directed to. By displaying the work of those who did what was asked of them and getting the class to discuss why this was helpful to them allowed for those who did well to feel proud of their accomplishments and those who didn’t to see what they could improve upon for the future. If a student wasn’t very strong on the math and didn’t really understand what they were doing as they did the homework, seeing the class discuss the problems and model the correct solutions as well as the steps to obtain those solutions would strengthen their understanding. By asking students to “add on” to another student’s statement, Mrs. Coty …show more content…
Coty to quickly assess the classroom to see if the majority understand the concept or if there are a few who are still struggling. She can not only see the answer but also the work that lead them there, which helps her figure out the points of confusion so she knows what she may need to expound upon. Mrs. Coty allows the students to grow more comfortable using exponents and the various types of problems to promote understanding. During the independent work time, I would come up to a student who would be just sitting there with a blank look on their face and ask them if they understood what they were doing. Without fail the student would say “Yes.” I then followed up by saying, “Okay, show me.”, and the student would proceed to just sit there without a clue. At that point I would start to explain the problem to them and help them work through it, but if I wasn’t there they may not have gotten any help at all and would have continued forward without understanding how to do the

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