Essay The Importance Of Being A Successful Leader

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Being a successful leader requires passion and appreciation; it requires you to have self-awareness, it requires you to find an objective or goal that engages others in a way that is trusting and mindful. Being a successful leader requires people to have faith in the work that you are doing and the values that you believe in. When people that you are leading have faith in you, it gives you as the leader the strength to make the “right decision” for the greater good of the people you are serving. When people believe in you and the work that you are doing as a leader, it helps you tell the truth about yourself and your circumstances, which allows your vision and purpose for leadership to manifest.
Similar to what I read about in all three books, The Prince, Leadership on the Line, & From Values to Action, I believe that most successful leaders should be reflective, respected, empowering, and flexible/adaptive to change.
When it comes to leadership, it is necessary for you to be reflective. In the book, From Values to Action, the author, Harry M. Kraemer explained that, “self-reflection is the key to identifying what you stand for, what your values are, and what matters most, ” (2011). Understanding the process of self-reflecting will allow you as a leader to understand what you value as a human being. When you are able to understand the values in your life that are non-negotiable, you will learn how to make the right choices because they will align to who you are as a…

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