Essay The Importance Of Being A Good Citizen

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Often while growing up, we are taught to be good people, to have good morals, and to do others what we would want to have done to ourselves. However, being a good citizen is not stressed nearly as much as being a good person, yet both ideas go hand and hand. The quote "it is impossible to be a good person and not a good citizen" as said by the late University of Arkansas professor Diane Blair, although simple, has a deep meaning. To me, the quote means living the morals I was taught about being a good person while growing up. Having these morals as a young adult and continuing to exercise them today is natural to me, and it follows just as naturally that as I have begun to participate in my community, I am just as naturally contributing, to the community. To me, participating in the community by sharing my passion for the activities that excite me, make me happy, and make me successful, is what being a good citizen is all about. Growing up I had always been the one to sacrifice what I had to give to others. It could have been as small as giving the bigger half of a cookie to a friend to as big as helping my then-boyfriend go to college by supplying him with the last $1000 he needed for school when he could not get a loan. However, growing up I lived in a community that did not allow livestock on our property but unfortunately I was a horse crazy child. Eventually my family got the opportunity to move to a small farm and I got to fulfill my dreams of owning a horse. What I…

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