Beauty Is Bad For You Analysis

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Fake it until you make it, or we better say fake it until you become it. It is not necessary to be beautiful in order to be happy or successful. In fact, everyone is beautiful within himself or herself. If we believe in ourselves and in what we can do, we can become anything we want. If you think that you are beautiful and you really believe that from the inside, then you are the most beautiful person in the whole world. It’s not necessary to be your face or your body, but your soul. Beauty is not the issue, but our way of thinking. Recently, most of the people think too much about their look and how other people think about them. Their appearance became their most complicated issue in their life. A lot of people are missing wonderful experiences …show more content…
Although it is known that over thinking is harmful, people over think about whether they are pretty or not. As a result, their health is badly affected. In Meaghan Ramsey’s (2014) TED talk, “Why Thinking you’re Ugly is Bad for you?” she states that people who are not satisfied with how they look are more likely to eat less healthy food like fruits and vegetables and have serious health problems that may happen to them later in life. When people are not happy with their looks they lose their appetite to food and also they tend to eat unhealthy food. Consequently, their immune system will become very weak and their chance to become sick or infected by any diseases will increase dramatically. Also they might become extremely depressed that may cause the to suicide of harm themselves in different ways. Unfortunately, committing suicide became common among people who think that they are ugly or hate the bodies that they are in. Some people want to look perfect, but when they realize that they can’t reach the perfection that they want, they try to get over that by doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Others may do endless cosmetic surgeries or go a crashing diet. Losing your self-confidence is another consequence of considering your appearance as key to success in addition to the health problems that we went

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