Summary: Charismatic Leadership

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This type of leadership occurs when the leader makes all the decisions and would prefer to maintain control on the decision-making process. Consequently, delegation and consultation with staff members are limited. This type of leadership is very effective in terms of having clear vision and effective decision-making skills. However, most leaders who used autocratic leadership are: (a) insecure of their leadership skills; and (b) have a strong belief that they have good leadership because they are in charge (Lockwood, 2015).
This type of leadership has persevered through time because of its advantages. Several advantages include: (a) less stress on the part of the leader in terms of his or her fate being in the hand of others; (b) increased
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Charismatic leaders usually take advantage in communication by being persuasive and by giving importance of body language. Several advantages of charismatic leadership include: (a) respect and power that comes with charisma; (b) creative solutions – charismatic leader are often visionary which enable them to come up with creative solutions to problem; and (c) promote change (Lockwood, 2015).
As much as charismatic leadership is effective in bringing about needed changes, it also has several disadvantages: (a) staff division – conflict may occur between followers and detractors; (b) self-limiting leadership – staff members may have difficulty standing on their own if the leader leaves or falters; and (c) ineffective solutions brought about by leader’s self interest (Lockwood, 2015).
Democratic leadership Democratic leadership is the opposite of autocratic leadership in terms of delegation. While autocratic leaders prefer to control even the minute details, democratic leaders, on the other hand, allow staff members to have control over to assigned duties. In terms of decision making, democratic leaders often ask inputs from staff members; but he or she still has the hold on the final decision (Lockwood,

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