The Importance Of Alcohol In Australia

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Alcohol has been a core lifestyle in Australian’s life since 1788. Drinking alcohol has become a common cultural in this country. For some university student, binge drinking even became a part of their life. Drinking and late night pub leads to the problem of alcohol related violence (Hughes, Anderson, Morleo & Bellis, 2008). Research found that there was a positive and strong relationship between density of alcohol outlets and remained violence after controlling the alcohol consumption (Grubesic, Pridemore, Williams & Philip-Tabb, 2013). Also, Cunradi (2012) found that there was a positive association between density of pubs or bars and intimate partner violence related emergency department visits. In addition, late trading hours of pubs has …show more content…
Remeikis (2015) in her newspaper article recorded the words from the head of the Valley Liquor Accord Nick Braban when Queensland government introduced new policy to pubs and clubs which is lock out pubs and clubs at 1 a.m and closing time at 3 a.m, it would have a negative impact on economics and perhaps exacerbate the law issue in surrounding entertainment zone. He also said that people will still drink because of the drinking cultural. Because of the restriction of lockout and closing time, the small business will simply be killed. There would not be as many people as before and which means the consumption in alcohol in the pubs and clubs would decrease which leads to slow sale of alcohol. It also impacts the surrounding retails. Less consumption means less profit, less profit may result less salary and less employees. Koziol (2015) said Hugos Lounge in Kings cross is an example. It set to close due to revenue decline of 60%. Since the first restrict of trading hours, the revenue started to decrease and they started to cut jobs. There were 100 jobs has been shed and remained 70 staffs were told they are likely to lose their jobs. Nick Braban has also mentioned that after the lockout or close time, the party will go on. It would not stop they from …show more content…
There was an 18 per cent increase of alcohol related attacks in Newtown. According to NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, from February 2014 to November 2014 there were 102 attacks compare to 86 attacks from April 2013 to January 2014. There was a significant increase of 375 per cent from 4 to 19 attacks in neighboring suburb Petershamin alcohol related attacks, and an increase attacks from 22 to 29 in Glebe – 31 percent increase. The retail around Newtown all experienced an increase in business.

Miller, Palmer, Mcfarlane, & Curtis (2014) indicated the Melbourne lockout law affected the pub itself because they need to shut down early. Consumers need to leave early and change a place which can open until 5 a.m if they still want to stay in CBD. However, they would rather stay in a venue that opens until 5 a.m than shift to another

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