Transition From High School To College

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There comes a time where every young adult has to leave the nest. Many teenagers dream of the day where they cross that bridge from childhood to adulthood. Envisioning how it would be to be on their own. They are all so anxious to feel that sense of freedom and independence that they have longed for all their lives. No more demands given by your parents to be followed, just you and the decisions that you choose to make. On the other hand, you also have those who dread experiencing such a drastic changing, including myself, who are nervous about transitioning from my high school to college life. My senior year was smooth as can be. I only had two classes per day and basketball practice was the highlight of my day. Every day I was only in class …show more content…
High school teachers inform students how college is so much different than high school. They tell us that college professors do not care about the students and will show to mercy or compassion. This information just fills entering freshmen head’s with dreading thoughts about college. You are already on your own and knowing the professors are not going to help you will leave students with the expectations of loneliness with one to confide in. What I have learned as I arrived is it is just the opposite. During orientation, everyone was so helpful and resourceful to the new students. Even as classes have started the professors will do what they can to ensure you are successful in class as long as you are proactive about the situation. It made me wonder where the high school teachers were receiving their information because my college experience so far is nothing like what they were explaining to us.
My college experience is different than high school. I feel as if I do not have enough time in the day. Unlike high school, majority of my free time is spent doing homework for my classes. If I could give students advice about college I would tell them scheduling is key to success. As long as they stay on top of their work and do not let it pile up it will make life so much easier. Also, not to be afraid to ask for help. It is there for you to take advantage

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