What Are The Problems Of New Learning Style

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Problems of New Learning style College life is an important stage for everyone. Students will face new environment, new friends, and also new learning style. College’s instructors and teachers in high school are completely two different roles. High school’s teachers want to teach everything for students. However, instructors want students to think about deeper level by themselves. That different teaching style will make students confused at their first year in college and I also think college doesn’t supply well to let freshman suit new learning style. Independent study shall be a strange skill for freshmen in college. When students learn in high school, teachers will emphasized all keys again and again in every class and make a specific …show more content…
It’s a habit which needs students to keep working on that. Besides, the support of college and students’ own awareness about independent study are supplement for each other. College should notice students about what kind of learning life will happen and tell the different points of learning style between the high school and college in orientation meeting. Besides, more free online classes ought to be available for students. Even though instructors haven’t enough time to explain everything for students, instructors can add more details about some specific points or something instructors think which parts of knowledge always confuse students. Free online classes are helpful for students who don’t really have the idea about independent study. Of course students shouldn’t only rely on these tools. These online classes shall be make freshmen have more comfortable transitions on their first year in college. Students need to gradually get a good way of learning. The best way of learning in college is that students should preview knowledge what instructor will talk about before the class. Then they can contrast your understanding with instructor’s explanation to make up the inadequacy of your …show more content…
However, the number of tutors is limited. I always see a lot of students spend a lot of time to wait for an available tutor. In my opinion, college should arrange an assistant for every instructor. Sometimes students are so shy to directly ask questions to instructors, but assistants are more amiable than instructors for students like peers. This will be very helpful to encourage students to ask questions. High school students pursue to cover or remember knowledge, but undergraduates should understand knowledge and be good at asking question. Undergraduates should ask a lot of “why” for every knowledge point. There is an example in Columbia University, a Chinese parent of student complain to instructor, “What are your guys teaching in university? My child don’t even know how to use VisiCalc after he finished sophomore year in computer engineering. Instructor replied, “The development of computer is changeable, we can’t promise what technology we teach is still useful after 5 year and we can’t ensure that students are able to learn every technology and tool. What we can promise is your child will learn how to think and has a good command about the way of learning. Then whatever new technology or new tools will appear after 5 years, your child can handle it very well.” This story really impressed me. College isn’t a place where you learn for jobs. It’s a place where

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