Why I Want To Be Free Essay

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I think it is safe to say that as we got older, we would always say “I am ready to move out”, or “I am ready to be on my own so I can be free”. We have all been there before and many people would agree with me that now that the day has come, it came too soon. I was so excited for middle and high school to be over because then I could leave my parents and make my own decisions and go and do whatever I please. Now that I have gotten what I wanted, I realized, I no longer want that. I made a mistake, and sure there are some perks to being on your own but life was so much better when I lived with my parents. Let me start off by saying, I go to college, I have a job and a fiancé. I am what you call an “adult” now. I didn’t know the “adult” life was actually this hard. I had always thought my elders were lying when they said “you better slow down and be a kid while it lasts”, but they really weren’t lying! There are a lot of things that I did when I was still in grade school, living with my parents that I cannot do anymore. I have so many more responsibilities now than I …show more content…
In high school you it is mandatory that you go, but it is free. My time was structured by others and I need permission to do things after school. My parents and teachers had responsibilities over me. Class was everything for six to seven hours and they forced me to go to lunch. I am not responsible for picking what classes I want or need, it is predominantly the school’s decision. In college however, I don’t have to go and I have to pay to go. I manage my own time and money. I make my own decisions and have all of my responsibilities. I pick which classes and the times for those classes I want and I can eat whenever I please. I am responsible for my own classes and what it takes to graduate. There are a lot of changes between then and now and I like college better because I don’t have to go for six to seven hours a

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