The Importance Of A Preliminary Robot Design Essay

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CORE 2062 strives to be a place where the pas­sions of our stu­dents be­come skills, con­cepts trans­form into phys­i­cal prod­ucts, and zeal cre­ates a pos­i­tive com­mu­nity im­pact. Through our dedication to science and technology, lifelong friendships, and commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the community, our team exemplifies the true meaning of FIRST.

Our Team

Our team prioritizes unity between team members to ensure that each student has an enriching experience. This begins with a unified approach to the game as our whole team spends four days discussing strategy and robot design in a process that we call consensus. Consensus requires team agreement on important decisions. While difficult, this approach to choosing a preliminary robot design allows each student to give their input and develop critical thinking skills. It ensures that every member supports our team’s robot design.

Beyond consensus, our team works in subteams to ensure effective team organization and student enrichment. Subteams have around five members, allowing them to function as tight units that focus on specific aspects of the team. Subteams are particularly important for the growth of our students because they allow members to work closely with their mentors and peers. Students also have the opportunity to work in areas that are unique to their interests. Furthermore, we have team meetings at the start and end of each day, allowing us to maintain whole-team unity as we discuss our…

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