The Importance Of A Pharmacist And Their Patients Essay

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The interaction between a pharmacist and their patients is very important in developing a trusting and long lasting relationship. Some of the personal characteristics a pharmacist must have include being compassionate towards others, having integrity, and more. I regard myself as having these personal attributes that will make me a great pharmacist. The lessons and experiences I learned in my personal, academic, and work life all contributed to the molding of my personal characteristics.

The choices I made in my personal life dictates the person that I am. I am a responsible individual when it comes to myself, towards other people, and my commitments. For example, I always make sure to attend classes, go to work, and go to research lab on time. Punctuality is very important when it comes to being a pharmacist. The patients rely on the pharmacist for their expertise. This means a pharmacist must be reliable and responsible in carrying out their commitments on time in a reasonable manner. In addition, it is very important for a pharmacist to have integrity and have their own set of values that they follow throughout their career. While working with one of the pharmacists, I came across a situation involving a tablet. I dropped one tablet on the ground and the pharmacist asked me, “Would you throw away that tablet or put it back in the bottle?” For many people, they would have said to throw the tablet away. However, the pharmacist then asked me, “What if it was an expensive…

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