The Importance Of A Nurse Leader For Quality Care Essay example

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Nursing is a profession in which strong leadership is required in order to maintain safe work environments and to maintain a high degree of ethical nursing care. According to the Canadian Nurses Association website, the “…attributes of a nurse leader include being an: advocate for quality care, a collaborator, an articulate communicator, a mentor, a risk taker, a role model and a visionary.” (2016). This important to think about as a nursing student, because there will be nursing leaders that we look up to and aspire to be like one day. Effective leaders are able to communicate and collaborate well in a team environment to ensure the safety of both their patients, and their colleagues. When I think about what leadership means to me, I think of someone who is of good moral character that wants to make a positive change. As I spend more time in my community service learning environment, it becomes more evident just how important it is to have nursing leaders in the health care field.
Prior to entering nursing education, I have filled a leadership role on a number of different occasions. In high school, I was on the Student Leadership Council and had been voted in by my peers. In this position I was required to organize meetings and plan events that the whole school would be involved with. As an upper year’s representative, it was my job to voice the collective opinions of my peers to a variety of other authority figures. I was also the president of Photography Club so the…

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