Dance Performance Observation

Since it was my first time attending a college dance show, I did not know what to expect. I know it would be a whole lot better than the dance concerts I had to be a part of in high school. However not as magical as concerts seen in the Medical Center of Lewisville Dance Theatre, but the magic is all in our heads. We chose what speaks to us, we chose what can change our perspective. The audience must be actively participating during the show, in order to have an enriching experience. This show is not intended to be entertainment, but an enriching experience in what our dancer want to say to the audience. A dance performance is not alone a group of performers and the choreographer, it is a large group of people with different skills pitching …show more content…
It changed my point of view on dance. I thought it was this rigid and limited means of communications, but it is so much more. It can give meaning to the world, change in perception, and community. All of the performances were so different but had a theme through the concert. It wasn’t repetitive that the audience will get bored or not well organized enough to be credited as a college level concert. These two pieces mentioned in the critique is the tip of the iceberg of the many dances performed and will perform on this wonder stage at the John Anthony Theatre. This show opens my eyes to how unlimited the dance department is really in Collin. All types of people from physical, ethical, and experiences come together to express their passion for dance. Many view Collin College a transition institution to a university, but for some people, this is where they truly find who they are. We currently have wonderful students and an even better alumni making Collin College dance department proud. That really does give me hope that Collin College dance program may continue to flourish with more creative people joining up. I hope one day these dancers training here may continue this proud legacy out in the

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