The Implementation Of The Soil Operation And The Concrete Placement

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 In the first CE, according to the previous experiences and awareness of the executive and important tips concerning the implementation of the soil operation and the concrete placement and by relying on my science and engineering knowledge And combining these capabilities with my individual abilities in the field of the executive affairs management and the appropriate interaction with my colleagues and the site personnel, I could overcome many problems and issues that were creating delays during the implementation of the project.

 In the second CE, by using my engineering knowledge, experiences of the previous projects and by increasing my knowledge about the cast-in-place concrete piles operation and addition to maintaining a constructive interaction with others, I could make a substantial assistance to advance the project.

 In the third CE, by the constant pursuit to provide the work arrangements , daily coordination with my colleagues in the site and monitoring the daily operations of the workshop, I was able to recognize and solve the problems on time.

 In the first CE, I used my engineering knowledge along with monitoring the daily operations and frequent visits to the site to recognize the challenges and problems ahead and after analyzing the situation and providing the appropriate and feasible solutions, I finished the operations.

 In the second CE, after facing the executive problems, first, I analyzed the issues by considering the relevant standards,…

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