The Nurse Work Environment, Job Satisfaction And Turnover Rate

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The nursing research article that I chose to critic for this assignment is entitled "The nurse work environment, job satisfaction and turnover rates in rural and urban nursing units" written by Marianne Baernholdt and Barbara A. Mark. The goal of this publication is to determine if there is a relationship between the nurse work environment and the level of satisfaction and the rate of nurses ' turnover. Urban hospitals have been the subject of research to examine this association but not rural hospitals, thus the subject of this research article.
This article poses the problem of whether or not the environments in which nurses evolve and their job satisfaction level have an effect on turnover rates. It has been determined that poor nurses turnover is associated with poor job satisfaction and work environment. "Nurses ' turnover is a global concern that is both costly for health-care organizations and, in the context of the work environment, affects quality and safety" (Li & Jones, 2013 P.403). This article 's purpose is clearly stated as determining if differences in characteristics of hospitals and nursing units as well as the nurse work environment have a direct impact on job satisfaction and high rate of turnover in urban and rural nursing units.
To conduct this research, the authors used a body of literature constituted of thirty-seven books and articles and divided into 3 sections: The relationship between work environement and job satisfaction, the turnover cost, and…

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