The Impact of the Iom Report on the Future of Nursing Essay

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The impact of the IOM report on the future of nursing
The passing of the Affordable Care Act by congress in 2010 will require the health care system to transform the future of nursing in order to keep up with the changes in health care in the United States. This paper will discuss the 2010 Institute of Medicine’s report on the impact of nursing education, nursing practice with a focus on primary care, how it will change current nursing practice and the nurse’s role as a leader.
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report was written to explore how the nursing profession should change to build a stronger health care system. A vision was developed to make quality care accessible to the diverse population of the United States, promote wellness
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The ability of the APRN’s to be more accessible and widespread is imperative to those living in rural and urban areas. Twenty five percent of the United States population lives in rural and frontier areas; however, only ten percent of physician’s practice in these areas (National Rural Health Association [NRHA], 2010). The patient population in these areas has a higher mortality and morbidity rate along with sicker, elderly patients. The APRN can provide much of the care a primary care physician can, acting as a more reliable resource for their health care. The nurse will need to adjust their practice in order to keep up with the changes in health care. Obtaining a higher degree (Bachelor of Science), attending workshops, in services and getting involved with hospital committees will expand their knowledge base and allow them to offer insight. Providing handouts to patients can provide more detailed explanations regarding a specific medical condition that they, as well as their family members can better understand.
Nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health care professionals in redesigning health care in the United States (IOM, 2011). Being a full partner requires leadership skills and competencies that must be applied both within the profession and in collaboration with other health professions (IOM). Nurses will need to change their style of

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