The Impact Of The Iom Report On The Future Of Nursing Essay

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The Impact of the IOM report on the future of nursing
Health care structure is changing every day. The current system is not set up to support the evolving needs. To overcome these changes, The Institute of Medicine released a report in 2010, entitled the “Future of Nursing; leading change, advancing health” in collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in order to meet the growing demands of the health care structure. This essay discusses the IOM report and its impact on nursing education, practice, leadership and the ways in which nurses and educators can help promote expectations.
The impact of the IOM report on nursing education
Half of the eight recommendations from the IOM report involve nursing education. Care within the hospital and public settings have become more complex. In hospitals, nurses have to take more critical decisions related to patient care. Nurses are expected to use a variety of technological skills in analysis and synthesis to provide excellent patient care. To respond to these increasing demands of health care system and changing needs of the patient, nurses must be advanced in their education and training. Increasingly hospitals and organizations are supporting the recommendations of the IOM report. The studies have shown that after the IOM report, more institutions prefer to have a bachelor’s degree for newly hired nurses or require nurses to earn BSN within a short period of time. Some facilities are offering certain amount of tuition…

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