The Images Should Be The Children And The Adults Essay

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people. Third, the images should be the children and the adults that are representative of all cultural groups in the community of children. Fourth, the images should reflect the gender roles diversity considering the body types and the abilities. Last, the images should include the ideas that counter stereotypes. According to Miller 2016, before deciding which materials to include in the early childhood development programs, it is important to display advertently pictures, objects, or books that reinforce the common stereotypes. For example, it is wrong for a teacher to select an image that shows a Mexican male in a sombrero taking a siesta, rather he or she should choose an image that shows a Mexican male physician. A sensitive teacher shows people from different cultural groups living in a variety of settings, enjoying a range of activities and customs, and belonging to several socioeconomic groups without excluding the two-parent, extended family and the single parent homes. Additionally, an instructor should not confuse the images of the contemporary life with those of the past easy of life or confuse the pictures of people in their daily lives with those of people in the holiday or ceremony lives. Such confusion exists in the early childhood development materials that exclusively focus on the holidays of the minority groups; to avoid the confusion, for example, show a person from an indigenous community in an office suit instead of in cultural feathers and tatters.…

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