My Personality Type Indicator

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My personality type is the INFP which stands for Introvert Intuitive Feeling and Perceiving.
The MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is used to determine ones personality, and to more easily understand everything that specific personality. ( )
They can be
Charming - tending to have a " live and let live " attitude
Sensitive to others - Can relate to others easily, helping them avoid conflict
Imaginative - Craft bold ideas after sensing others emotions to speak to peoples hearts
Passionate - When people with this personality type are caught up in something exciting and interesting, they can leave everything else in the dust.
Curious - Need to see and explore for themselves if their ideas are true or
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The areas that they said were accurate I mostly agreed to. When we talked about the specific details of what they thought were most accurate, these included the live and let live attitude, sensitive to others and fiercely independent. At first I didn't agree that I had a live and let live kind of attitude, sensitive to others or fiercly independent. After talking with both of them for a while, my friend explained that over the past 6 months she's known me she hasn't seen me get overly worked up over anything. She also mentioned how, while I'm not debilitatingly sensitive to others I'm not blind to peoples struggles when I see them. Nor have I been known to rely on others for a lot, I'm not violently independent but I can usually take care of myself pretty well. Consequently, I realised that this personality type is much more accurate than I first thought. When I genuinelly thought about it, I don't often voice my opinion unless asked, also don't force my way on anyone but can be passionate about specific topics. I'm not usually upset unless it's about something very specific , can generally tell other peoples problems and can be rather …show more content…
My friend however, said the same as my mom but didn't think that I had problems with long term commitments. Personally, I dont think I'm overly competitive or have money problems although I do think I have a problem with long term relationships and It was a eye opening experience when we talked about them. The reason for this is that based on past experiences from long term commitments I don't believe I'm good at them.
I proposed that even though INFPs are good at self expressions and enjoy doing so, I'm not usually good at expressing myself outside of work and assignments. My mom made the excellent point that if I express myself through my work then perhaps I shouldn't push myself to the point of expressing through everything.
I asked them if they would change anything about my personality and both of them said that they generally liked my personality and would only change the tendency to get overwhelmed easily and fluctuating self esteem. I would also change these and be able to handle stress and criticism more constructively and

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