The Human Service System Substance Abuse Essay

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In today’s world there are many different issues that receive attention from the media, communities, and organizations that try to raise awareness and help solve them. One of these issues is substance abuse. In the human service system substance abuse is one problem that patients have, need treatment for, and require education on. The human service system has a models of service delivery that is broken into three parts: the medical model, the public health model, and the human service model. Each model views a patient differently and has a different approach to helping the patient. The medical model views a person as a patient and they are known to be “sick” or “ill”. In this model a person expects to be seen diagnosed, treated, and cured (Woodside & McClam, 2015). One way to help treat a substance abuse patient is by them having an evaluation done by a psychiatrist to determine their diagnosis and course of treatment. Once a patient is diagnosed with substance abuse they can be admitted to a detox facility and then given medication for cravings such as Naltrexone, Campral, Methadone, and Suboxone ("Anti-Craving Medication for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction," n.d.). One of the goals of the medical model is to assist an individual in returning to a state of functioning (Woodside & McClam, 2015). Some strengths of the medial model are patients are able to receive the help they need to become sober and live better lives. Along with medication a patient can receive therapy to…

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