The Human Resource Management Summary Essay

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Human Resource Management Summary The first topic for this summary will be to examine the recruitment of personnel. Which is a process where a organization or business filters through all applicants and selects candidates whom they feel will be best suited for the position and bring the highest level of success to the organization. In every profession there may be certain standards which require proper evaluation in the recruitment process. Organizations and businesses may utilize a personnel selection system by which to determine the best applicants for a position. Contained within these systems there may be defined tests for validating the skills of applicants as well intense interviewing procedures. (wikipedia, na) Next, the processes of training and development functions are quintessential to the duties of the human resource managers. The primary goal is to improve the recruited individuals performance within the cultural and organizational constructs of the organization or business. The key activity is training, which is geared on, and compared to, the position that a person currently possesses. In addition, education is focused on positions the individual could hold in the future. And finally, individual development revolves around practices in which a person may take part in, not in the present but in the future. All of which are typically integrated under the term talent development. (wikipedia, na) Talent development is one of key components to human resources…

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