Essay about The Human Communication The Basic Course

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Chapter 10, in the Human Communication The Basic course, is titled “small group communication.” This title of the chapter harmonizes well with the project that my group and I were given. With this project, we were to research on a specific topic and explain what the U.S. could do about it. While researching for the project, the group and I collectively experienced or used some of the strategies or examples that were used in the book. Group stages, task building, and individual roles, experiences in polarization and groupthink, and leadership styles are just many of the examples that occurred. Referencing “small group stages”, on page 209 in the Human Communication the basic course, there are five steps that develop “(1) opening, (2) feedforward, (3) business, (4) feedback, and (5) closing.” Specifically, our group went through each one specifically. First, the opening stage came into play when some members came in at different times, we got an idea of who each of the members were as people. Our time was limited in regards to having small talk due to the fact that time was cut a bit short due to the assignments due dates. Mainly, in the very beginning, mainly my communication was with the group leader. We got sort of an early start on the project and were able to create the idea of the direction we wanted the paper to go in, Of course once all team members were on board we made sure the topic was good with them as well. Secondly, we continued with feed forward. We assigned…

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