The Hospital Where I Currently Work Essay

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The hospital where I currently work recently designed and implemented a survivorship program that incorporates our personalized Cancer Survivorship Care Plans for all curative patients we treat in our Radiation Oncology department. An individual is considered a cancer survivor beginning at the time of their cancer diagnosis and over the remainder of their life. The care plan is essentially a guide for living after they have completed treatment. The survivorship program will ensure that essential components of quality cancer care is provided to every patient treated within our facility during the course of their care. The program incorporates patient-centered treatment by collaborating with curative patients at the completion of their treatment to review an informational packet that includes a print out with a summary of the treatment they received (i.e.: dates, doses, and the number of treatments) along with a roadmap of future follow-up care. Our departmental survivorship care plan includes the following; the patients’ treatment summary, a follow-up care plan, cancer surveillance or other recommended related tests, any suggested needs for ongoing treatment, and additional evidence based resources related to their needs. The care plan will become an integrated component in their overall care in addition, allowing the patient to partner in their care. Furthermore, it will assist other providers so that everyone is working towards the same goal which is to improve the…

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